Editor’s note: The following is a list of unofficial results for U.S. House and Senate seats, state-wide and DuPage County-wide races, and ballot measures from the Tuesday, Nov. 8 general elections. This is not a comprehensive list of candidates, races and ballot measures. Results listed here were provided by www.dupageresults.gov, which is where you can view results. Vote totals are DuPage County only. Overall totals for statewide races are not included here. Winners are in bold.


U.S. Senate

Tammy Duckworth (Democrat) 189,548 (56.59 percent)

Kathy Salvi (Republican) 139,743 (41.72 percent)

Bill Redpath (Libertarian) 5,653 (1.69 percent)

U.S. House, District 3

Delia Ramirez (Democrat) 30,838 (50.71 percent)

Justin Burau (Republican) 29,976 (49.29 percent)

U.S. House, District 6

Sean Casten (Democrat) 73,256 (58.18 percent)

Keith Pekau (Republican) 52,659 (41.82 percent)

U.S. House, District 8

Raja Krishnamoorthi (Democrat) 26,177 (53.11 percent)

Chris Dargis (Republican) 23,109 (46.89 percent)


Lieutenant Governor

JB Pritzker and Juliana Stratton (Democrat) 185,675 (55.66 percent)

Darren Bailey and Stephanie Trussell (Republican) 137,194 (41.12 percent)

Scott Mitchell Schluter and John Phillips (Libertarian) 10,738 (3.22 percent)

Attorney General

Kwame Raoul (Democrat) 182,808 (54.84 percent)

Thomas DeVore (Republican) 143,769 (43.13 percent)

Dan Robin (Libertarian) 6,782 (2.03 percent)


Susana Mendoza (Democrat) 186,231 (56.06 percent)

Shannon Teresi (Republican) 139,643 (42.04 percent)

Deirdre McCloskey (Libertarian) 6,307 (1.90 percent)

Secretary of State

Alexi Giannoulias (Democrat) 183,341 (54.99 percent)

Dan Brady (Republican) 143,511 (43.05 percent)

Jon Stewart (Libertarian) 6,526 (1.96 percent)


Mike Frerichs (Democrat) 175,064 (52.96 percent)

Tom Demmer (Republican) 148,444 44.91 percent)

Preston Nelson (Libertarian) 7,040 (2.13 percent)

Illinois State Senate District 21

Laura Ellman (Democrat) 41,952 (58.69 percent)

Kathleen Murray (Republican) 29,533 (41.31 percent)

Illinois State Senate District 23

Suzanne “Suzy” Glowiak Hilton (Democrat) 37,604 (54.11 percent)

Dennis M. Reboletti (Republican) 31,866 (45.89 percent)

Illinois State House, 21st District

Terra Costa Howard (Democrat) 25,160 (57.93 percent)

Stefanie Hood (Republican) 18,269 (42.07 percent)

Illinois State House 45th District

Jenn Ladisch Douglass (Democrat) 20,941 (50.12 percent)

Deanne Marie Mazzochi (Republican) 20,839 (49.88 percent)

Editor’s note: Ladisch Douglass had a 102-vote lead as of 6 a.m. Monday, Nov. 14, but final results were not known as of press time.  

Illinois State House 46th District

Diane Blair-Sherlock (Democrat) 15,665 (56.19 percent)

Robert Stevens (Republican) 12,212 (43.81 percent)

Illinois State House 48th District

Azam Nizamuddin (Democrat) 11,721 (42.96 percent)

Jennifer Sanalitro (Republican) 15,565 (57.04 percent)

DuPage County Board chair

Deb Conroy (Democrat) 167,730 (51.01 percent)

Greg Hart (Republican) 161,079 (48.99 percent)

DuPage County Clerk

Jean Kaczmarek (Democrat) 172,471 (52.86 percent)

Evelyn Sanguinetti (Republican) 153,827 (47.14 percent)

DuPage County Sheriff

Democrat (no candidate)

James Mendrick (Republican) 237,680

DuPage County Treasurer

Dan Potoczny (Democrat) 155,899 (48.01 percent)

Gwen Henry (Republican) 168,850 (51.99 percent)

DuPage County Board

District 1

Michael L. Childress (Democrat) 21,904 (28.47 percent)

Sam Tornatore (Republican) 19,683 (25.58 percent)

Cindy Cronin Cahill (Republican) 18,847 (24.49 percent)

Donald E. Puchalski (Republican)

District 2

Yeena Yoo (Democrat) 28,285 (18.97 percent)

Elizabeth (Liz) Chaplin (Democrat) 26,873 (18.02 percent)

Paula Deacon Garcia (Democrat) 24,575 (16.48 percent)

Sean T. Noonan (Republican) 24,976 (16.75 percent)

Daniel J. Kordik (Republican) 21,870 (14.66 percent)

Nicole Marie Giannini (Republican) 22,554 (15.12 percent)

District 4

Mary Fitzgerald Ozog (Democrat) 26,862 (18.83 percent)

Lynn LaPlante (Democrat) 24,527 (17.28 percent)

Shawn M. Ryan (Democrat) 22,669 (15.97 percent)

Grant Eckoff (Republican) 24,440 (17.22 percent)

Annette Corrigan (Republican) 22,841 (16.10 percent)

Reid Foltyniewicz (Republican) 20,565 (14.49 percent)

DuPage County Forest Preserve District


Daniel Hebreard (Democrat) 168,077 (51.42 percent)

Robert J. Schillerstrom (Republican) 158,783 (48.58 percent0

DuPage County Forest Preserve commissioners

District 1

Michael L. Murray (Democrat) 22,086 (47.17 percent)

Marsha Murphy (Republican) 24,737 (52.83 percent)

District 2

Tina Tyson-Dunne (Democrat) 32,023 (53.43 percent)

Don Krause (Republican) 27,909 (46.57 percent)

District 4

Jeff Gahris (Democrat) 28,066 (51.18 percent)

Tim Elliott (Republican) 26,770 (48.82 percent)

3rd Supreme Court (Kilbride)

Mary K. O’Brien (Democrat) 179,705 (54.39 percent)

Michael J. Burke (Republican) 150,673 (45.61 percent)

3rd Appellate Court (Wright)

Sonni Choi Williams (Democrat) 166,965 (51.28 percent)

Liam Christopher Brennan (Republican) 158,610 (48.72 percent)

18th Judicial Circuit Court (Kleeman)

Mia McPherson (Democrat) 232,149

Republican (no candidate)

18th Judicial Circuit Court (Mallen)

Jill Otte (Democrat) 171,977 (52.70 percent)

Michael “Mike” W. Reidy (Republican) 154,350 (47.30 percent)

Other judicial races

Voters voted to retain Appellate Court Judge Joe Birkett, and Judicial Court Judges Bonnie M. Wheaton, Kenneth L. Popejoy, Daniel P. Guerin, Brian F. Telander, Liam C. Brennan and Paul M. Fullerton.

Ballot measures

Amendment 1: Right to collective bargaining amendment to Illinois Constitution

(Vote yes or no)

The proposed amendment would add a new section to the Bill of Rights Article of the Illinois Constitution that would guarantee workers the fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively and to negotiate wages, hours, and working conditions, and to promote their economic welfare and safety at work. The new amendment would also prohibit from being passed any new law that interferes with, negates, or diminishes the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively over their wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment and workplace safety. At the general election to be held on Nov. 8, 2022, you will be called upon to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.

Editor’s note: Final results for this amendment proposal were not available at press time.

DuPage County

Should the County of DuPage research and invest in public electric vehicle fast charging stations to provide a revenue stream, promote a healthy environment, and drive local economic development?

Yes: 196,128 (60.37 percent)

No: 128,742 (39.63 percent)

Should the County of DuPage continue to assist qualifying small businesses by providing grants, to support local economic development and job growth?

Yes: 267,744 (82.27 percent)

No: 57,686 (17.73 percent)

Should the County of DuPage continue its support of mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention through the funding of local non-profits?

Yes: 282,066 (86.35 percent)

No: 44,606 (13.65 percent)


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