Observing cultural heritage
Addison Trail students and staff members gather around the flag of Italy to celebrate Italian-American Heritage Month. Activities were held throughout the week of Oct. 11-15. Story and more photos inside.

During the week of Oct. 11 to 14, Addison Trail students, staff and community members celebrated Italian-American Heritage Month with numerous activities and events hosted by AT’s Italian Club.

The activities included an opportunity for ATHS staff, most of whom wore this year’s Italian-American Heritage Month t-shirt, to enjoy cannoli provided by Elio Bartolotta from Elio Pizza on Fire in Addison on Friday, Oct. 14.

All week, the halls were filled with the sounds of Italian music as students went from class to class throughout the day and special announcements were shared to honor Italian heritage. Display cases and hallways at the school were decorated with memorabilia to recognize those of Italian descent. To top it off, classmates were invited to participate in a pasta-eating contest.

As a class project, students enrolled in Italian 4H invented a product and gave a presentation of the product in Italian.


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