With its central location, vibrant downtown and strong economic growth, Elmhurst has become one of the top destinations in Chicago’s western suburbs. As the town continues to attract outside investment, a locally led team has stepped up to develop a prime property in the heart of City Centre. 

The new development is being led by long-time Elmhurst resident Tom Trenta and his team of hospitality industry veterans. Trenta has spent the past 15 years leading Brand Strategy agencies who partner with the top food, beverage and entertainment brands in America. 

“I am taking everything I’ve learned to develop three of my own brands in my hometown,” said Trenta. “I’ve been planning for this opportunity for many years, and I hope to add some positive momentum to our town’s bright future.”

Located at 119 N. York, the large-scale operation aims to hire up to 80 new employees and to create a positive economic impact on the town and the community. The downtown location was previously home to Fitz’s Spare Keys, which closed in June 2021.  The entire 24,000 square-foot property will undergo a total remodel, including the creation of a large concert hall, a modern bar and upscale restaurant. 

The Concert Hall + Event Space: Elmhurst Hall

Introducing the premier space and stage of Chicago’s western suburbs, featuring live music, weddings, celebrations and community events. We aim to host bigger Elmhurst moments.

The Restaurant: Kindred

Featuring “Curious Creations from the Modern Midwest,” Kindred will be a buzzy, upscale restaurant bringing the diversity of flavors from the Midwest to the table.

The Bar: Ever Onward

A fresh take on a modern bar, Ever Onward will be an energizing new space featuring custom-made hard seltzers, local craft beers, fun wine selections and indulgences to be craved.

For more details about the venture, visit www.AllRoadsLeadToElmhurst.com.


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