Every school year, Addison Trail students have the opportunity to recognize a teacher or a staff member through the school’s Golden Apple program for going above and beyond and making a difference in their life.

Addison Trail’s Golden Apple award is given to teachers and staff members who have made a positive impact on students inside the classroom and beyond and is a reminder that their hard work and continuous effort matter each and every day.

The 17 staff members listed below were recently honored with the 2021 Golden Apple. Although the school was unable to celebrate the honorees in person because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, a virtual presentation took place, and yard signs were delivered to the award winners to recognize them as Golden Apple recipients.

Addison Trail 2021 Golden Apple recipients

1. Jessica Clark, English teacher (nominated by junior Sara Bojczuk)

2. Sheri D’Ambrose, Physical education teacher (nominated by sophomore Clarita Gaytan Vazquez)

3. Carolyn Erwin, Science teacher (nominated by junior Trinity Michura)

4. Amy Ferraro, English Department Head (nominated by junior Alicia Lloveras)

5. Michael Galfi, Math teacher (nominated by senior Samantha Zaremba)

6. Andrea Grossart, Science teacher (nominated by junior Mateo Gomez)

7. Justin Hegner, Math teacher (nominated by senior Blessy Rodrigues)

8. Laura Magnavite, Social studies teacher (nominated by sophomore Stephanie Ortiz)

9. Amy Murphy, Family and consumer education teacher (nominated by sophomore Mia Dravilas)

10. Jeff Nellessen, Choir Director (nominated by senior Emily Stevenson)

11. Mark Olson, Social studies teacher (nominated by freshmen Michelle Vuong and Suzette Mancilla)

12. Ryan Peronto, Social studies teacher (nominated by senior Israar Ahmed)

13. Portia Ransom, English teacher (nominated by junior Kyle Parker)

14. Alexander Stombres, Orchestra Director (nominated by junior Madelyn Ford)

15. Claire Sychta, Social studies teacher (nominated by freshman Siany Garcia Lara)

16. Sheila Wojcik, Math teacher (nominated by freshman Moriah Almodovar)

17. James Ziebka, Reading teacher (nominated by junior Patrick Campbell)

The late District 88 Superintendent Dr. Scott Helton, who passed away in December 2020, was named as an honorary Golden Apple Award recipient in recognition of his valuable contributions and outstanding support of students and staff.


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